Center for the Arts and Marine Sciences

The Center for the Arts and Marine Sciences is located in the old whale factory (SIBIL - Sociedade da Indústria Baleeira Insular, Lda), in Lajes do Pico.

Whaling was introduced into the Azores by Anglo-American influence and boosted the economy of the Azores. The whale factory was the place where cetaceans were transformed into products exported to both national and international market, such as flours, oils and amber. The activity ended in the early eighties and later was acquired by the Municipal Council of Lajes do Pico.

In the Center for the Arts and Marine Sciences you can see the industrial equipment and a multimedia exhibition entitled “Giants of the Sea” that explores the biology and ecology of the large cetaceans.

Although whaling ended in 1984 in the Azores, the battles between Man and the giants of the sea have carved out the identity of a people who are proud of their past. They are the same people who, even today, continue to pursue these marine animals. If in the past harpoons and spears were used to reach them, cameras today are the only objects that shoot these mysterious animals.