What can society do

Ecosystems are in danger!
Did you already know? Yes?!

There are many things that help to imporve the health of our planet even though they seem insignificant at first.

It is case to say: small steps for humanity, giant steps for our ecosystems!

Here’s a list of some things we can all do:

Control water consumption. Check that the taps are closed, control the water volume in the flushing tank and regulate the water flow rate.

Plastic? No, thanks!
Small changes in our habits make a difference. When shopping, use cloth bags or reusable bags.
In supermarkets choose the products with bigger packaging and with less plastic in its constitution.

The RRR policy remains current.

Reduce consumption, Reuse and Recycle!

Responsible shopping!
Knowing what we are buying is an eco-conscious act!
Gambling on local food helps not only the local economy itself, but also the environment!

Avoid buying products of marine origin (e.g. natural sponges).

Suspended devices are not switched off!
Turn them off and you will see how the energy expenditure will decrease.

Use low energy bulbs.

Limit animal protein intake. Eat more vegetables!
Introducing an occasional vegetarian dish into your diet is good for your health and reduces animal exploitation.
Also try to understand where your animal protein comes from.

When consuming fish, avoid buying smaller individuals.
Get informed about the legal minimum size of capture in order to buy specimens that have already reached sexual maturity.

Look but do not touch!
During summer, visits to the beaches are part of the everyday life. There is a whole world to explore when we enter the water.
Observe the marine life but don’t bring with you live samples, like starfish.